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WRITE 2 BE MAGAZINE: Interview with D.M. Mortier


7 May 2021

For the Authors who want to tell their story on their own terms

The first romance novel I ever read was Cinderella! I devoured Disney’s version of romance until I was eleven, and then I discovered Mills & Boons. In those days kissing was the most explicit intimacy disclosed: the hero and heroine went to bed and came out the next day with smiles! I had no idea what happened, but I was intrigued. My mom had shelves and shelves of them. Over the long summer breaks, I barely left my bedroom! My busy parent had no idea what I was up to. I’ve always been fascinated with love stories. I started writing in college, but I never expected anyone would ever read my whimsical musings. LOL! Now years later, after husband and kids, and a solid career in finance I’ve started publishing those early ideas.

I write my stories so that every woman would be inspired to find the other half of themselves. With every story I tell, my Caribbean sisters are highlighted. Our culture is a melting pot of all ethnicities, where love has no color. We love who we love and make no apology for it. These stories are also infused with my love for sports and action thrillers. I’m an avid sports fan. Tennis, football, track and basketball are my favorites. I devour dramas and action movies. So it’s to be expected that my books have a healthy dose of adventure.

Writing romance novels has been a dream I never knew I had. It was born out of suddenly having a little extra time with the kids out of the house. I absolutely love this creative outlet.

Want to read the rest of the interview? Find it HERE!

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