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Give You Your Flowers: The Stories Station Podcast

K. McCoy

21 Aug 2022

The Stories Station Podcast with D.M.Mortier

Want to take a listen? Find the podcast Here!

This week, we here at The Stories Station Podcast had the special honor of chatting with D. Mortier, a Romance author well known for writing stories that celebrate and bring to light multi-cultures, mainly within the Caribbean community.

Find out how manifesting works best for their storytelling of many tropes - cheating spouses and virgin - to name a few. Also, what images inspires the heroines of her steamy romances when writing and why.

Want to know more about D.M. Mortier?

I write my stories so that every woman would be inspired to find the other half of themselves. With every story I tell, my Caribbean sisters are highlighted. Our culture is a melting pot of all ethnicities, where love has no color. We love who we love and make no apology for it. These stories are also infused with my love for sports and action thrillers. I’m an avid sports fan. Tennis, football, track and basketball are my favorites. I devour dramas and action movies. So it’s to be expected that my books have a healthy dose of adventure.

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